Replacement Domes and Lens

Code 3 XL Rotator Filter Lens

CODE: T02312

Code 3 XL Rotator Large  Filter Lens Large Rotator Fliter Fit Code 3 & Force 4 Rotators   1 In Amber  7 In blue ... More

Dashlaser Dome

CODE: T01556

$35.00   $21.00
Dashlaser Dome Fits: Code3 or PSE 1 In Red and 2 Clear Only Sell Off Call 309-481-5252 More

High Profile Dome For Strobe Lights

CODE: 6606

$25.00   $15.00
 6 " REPLECEMENT DOME FOR STROBE  And LEDs Lights Fits Able2, Sho Me,Whelen,Signal,Star,And ECCO Lights   SELL OFF... More

Low Profile Dome For Strobe Lights

CODE: 6604

$25.00   $15.00
Replacement Low-Profile Dome for Strobes and LED Lights Lens 4" High Sell OFF  Colors: 1-Amber,1- Clear,1-Green Available ... More

Mx Rotator Fliter Lens

CODE: S95989M

Mx Rotator Fliter Lens Fit: Code3 or PSE MX 7000 New Style Rotators  2 Blue only 309-481-5252   More

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